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Current Projects
2014, Photographer, World Wide Women Collective
Sep 2014, Photographer, 12:12 Project
Sept 2015, Group Exhibition, Ticka Arts, 02 Gallery in Austin, TX
Aug 2015, Group Exhibition, Summer Girls, I Love You Bedford in Brooklyn, NY
June 2015, Group Exhibition, Dreams, Blend Studios in Nashville, TN
Nov 2014, Group Exhibition, World Wide Women, Cobb Studios in London, UK
Oct 2014, Group Exhibition, IYL Showcase, Total Refreshment Studios in London, UK
Oct 2014, Group Exhibition, Mirrors of the Divine Feminine, SOMA Kombucha Speakeasy in Portland, OR
Sept 2014, Group Exhibition, DdA Art Gallery in Vera Perda Bona, 22 Quartu S. Elena (Cagliari) Italy
Mar 2014, Group Exhibition, Chaotic Forms, The Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA
Sept 2013, Group Exhibition, Inside My Secret Room, The Ghost Project at MC Gallery in NYC
Jan 2016, Immemory Journal, Nostalgia, Issue 1
Nov 2015, Streit House Space, Fall Quarter, Online Gallery
Nov 2015, Whattaroll Magazine, Hero of the Week, Online Feature
Oct 2015, Cultartes Magazine, Online Feature
Sept 2015, Pryme Magazine, The Impossible Issue, Issue 5
June 2015, Lomography, Online Magazine, Interview
Jan 2015, The World Through Green Eyes, Online Publication, January Issue
Dec 2014, Aesthetica Magazine, World Wide Women, Ritual Exhibition at The Cobb Studios, Online Feature
Nov 2014, Dreck Magazine, Online Publication, Interview
Oct 2014, Shooting Film, Online Feature
Sept 2014, Optiko Analogue Photography Zine No. 5, The Instant Photography Issue
Aug 2014, Revista Imagenario, Online Publication, Featured Photo Work
May 2014, Finder Magazine, Online Photo Feature
May 2014, If You Leave, Online Photo Feature
Mar 2014, Mia Magazine, Online Publication, "Wanderlust" Issue 1
Feb 2014, Whattaroll Magazine, Online Publication, "Twisted" Issue 2
Feb 2014, Mortal Muses, Film Mosaic, Online Feature
Feb 2014, Green Hill Camera Blog, Online Feature
Feb 2014, Sunday Mornings at the River, Online Photo Feature
Jan 2014, TWTGE, Online Photo Feature
Jan 2014, Ticka Arts, Online Feature
Nov 2013, Whim Online Magazine, Interview
Oct 2013, Lagunaria, Online Photo Feature
Sept 2013, Worbz, Online Feature
Sept 2013, Lagunaria, Online Photo Feature
Sept 2013, Thistle Magazine, Online Publication "Obsession" Issue
Aug 2013, Lagunaria, Online Photo Feature
Aug 2013, Impossible HQ, Online Photo Feature
Aug 2013, Soft Skin, Fanzine, Online Photo Feature